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     Chinese Management Association (CMA) has launched the Accreditation of Chinese Collegiate School of Business (ACCSB) in 2005.

       Since August 2012, CMA has been formally authorized by Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan as a "Qualified Evaluation and Accreditation Agency" to conduct the activities related to accreditation of business and management education programs. All business/management schools and departments certified by ACCSB are exempt from the official evaluation of Ministry of Education. As of now there are 16 business/management schools certified by ACCSB.


Regular Assessment

    Our accreditation is authorized by ROC's Ministry of Education, and as part of our collaboration, every five years MOE recruits a third-party organization to run an assessment on our accreditation works.  In preparation for this third-party assessment, ACCSB also conducts self-evaluation on how far we progressed our accreditation work over the last five years.  We conduct comprehensive review on the practical aspects of our work, with special focus on: (1) Effectiveness of our accreditation indicators in enhancing the quality of education in accredited organizations; (2) Knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of our accreditation committee members; (3) Fairness of our accreditation process; (4) Thoroughness of our follow-up on what our accredited organization promised to improve.

    ACCSB's most recent self-evaluation and third-party assessment was completed in May and June 2017, respectively.